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Residency ProgramsInternal Medicine

A Resident's Typical Day

Inpatient Floor Services

0700 - 0730

"Start time." Obtain sign in from on-call team. Critical patients are to be seen immediately.

0700 - 0900 

Interns evaluate patients and write progress notes.

0700 - 0800

Medical Morning Report. Attendance is mandatory for PGY 2 and PGY 3 floor residents (optional for interns.)

0900 - 1100 

Team Work Rounds

Noon - 1300

Core Lecture/Board Review (Wed, Fri)

1400 - 1630

Admission, chart reviews, etc.

1630 - 1700

Sign-Out. New admissions are reviewed and potential problems are identified.

Intensive Care Units

0700 - 0730

"Start time."  Obtain sign in from on-call team.

0730 - 0930

Work Rounds. Interns and residents evaluate patients, write notes, order tests.

0930 - 1100 

Teaching Attending Rounds

Noon - 1300

Core Lecture/Board Review

1300 - 1600 

Admissions, chart reviews, etc.

1600 - 1700

Sign-Out. All patients are reviewed.

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