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Gastric Sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive bariatric surgery. During this procedure, the surgeon creates a small, sleeve-shaped stomach. It is larger than the stomach poucn created during the Roux-en-Y bypass – and is about the size of a banana. The mechanism for weight loss is gastric restriction, as well as possible neurohormonal changes due to lower levels of ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone produced by the fundus. Because the new stomach continues to function normally there are far fewer restrictions on the foods which patients can consume after surgery, although the quantity of food eaten will be considerably reduced.

This is seen by many patients as being one of the great advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure provides a solution for patients with conditions which place them at an unacceptably high risk for other forms of bariatric surgery and patients with a particularly high body mass index (BMI).

Advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy

  • The stomach is reduced in size and the amount of food which can be eaten is restricted. Otherwise the stomach functions normally.
  • Less food intolerance than with the gastric band.
  • The major part of the stomach which produces hormones responsible for stimulating hunger is removed from the digestive system.
  • The problem of dumping is avoided as the pylorus is retained.
  • Minimizes the possibility of the patient developing ulcers.
  • There is no implantable band device, so slippage and erosion are not a risk.
  • No device that needs adjustment is inserted, so the follow-up regimen is not as intense as it would be with the band.

Disadvantages of the sleeve gastrectomy

  • Sleeve gastrectomy is permanent and non-adjustable.
  • Complication risks are slightly higher than with the band.


  • Standard risks associated with surgery.
  • Leakage and bleeding at the suture/staple line
  • Blood clots
  • May require second surgery

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