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Transforming Leadership at Christiana Care

Welcome to Christiana Care, where we are committed to "transformational change." This type of change is not evolutionary; it does not occur in small, incremental steps. It is intended to produce dramatic, breakthrough results through radical thinking and big changes. To reach our ambitious goals, every member of our leadership team must embrace and demonstrate certain leadership behaviors. Doing so will help us to make significant and sustainable changes in our processes to improve our patient outcomes and to meet the continual challenges placed on our health care system.

To prepare our leaders for this transformation, we have introduced the "Transforming Leadership" strategy.  Our strategy goal is to grow our colleagues while providing practical processes and programs to ensure the identification, development, and inspiration of our current and future leaders to drive learning and transformation.   The key components of our strategy include:

  • Support our leaders in discovering their thinking styles - Introduction of Whole Brain Thinking-HBDI model for personal and team development for greater engagement and productivity.
  • Introduce a set of Leadership Behaviors expected of all leaders. The Leadership Behaviors provide direction for leaders to bring our Core Values to life in their daily work. 
  • Introduce a Health Leadership Competency Model to drive excellence in leadership within Christiana Care, as well as a 360º feedback process.
  • Offer leadership learning opportunities for all levels of leaders, professionals, and high-potentials, including developmental assignments, projects, lateral and/or promotional moves, and internal and external education. 
  • Implement a targeted leadership education curriculum to address competency and skill gaps identified in the Leadership Behaviors self-assessment and Individual Leadership
  • Development plans and the 360º feedback process, including leveraging the online Leadership Knowledge Center and other online and classroom education.
  • Create an internal coaching strategy to support leadership development. This will include the identification and education of internal coaches who will promote a culture of feedback and coaching.
  • Introduce Talent Reviews to identify high-potential colleagues and future leaders, so that appropriate developmental activities can be designed and provided for them. 

Christiana Care Leadership Behaviors

Christiana Care Leadership Behaviors bring our Core Values to life by defining the way we expect all our leaders (Vice Presidents, Directors, Physician Leaders and Managers) to carry out their roles on a consistent basis, and these behaviors are expected of all leaders. There are five categories of Leadership Behaviors:

  • Develops People and Creates High Performance Teams
  • Collaborates and Builds Relationships
  • Enables Learning and Innovation
  • Leads and Promotes Change
  • Creates Value

Strong leadership is at the heart of any organization's transformation. To help our strong leaders further develop and to ensure consistency in our actions throughout our system, the Leadership Behaviors will be used as a benchmark in performance management and leadership development processes. 

Your Leadership Career

Our healthcare system is dedicated to being a learning organization, where your growth and development is valued and supported throughout your career.

As a new leader at Christiana Care, we offer you development resources that will support your transition into your new role.  We will also provide on-going development programs and resources to enable and enhance your continued growth. 

Our New Leader Orientation program will enable you to learn about our system's expectations of all leaders.  Even if you've previously worked in a leadership role elsewhere, you will want to learn about our leadership approach at Christiana Care. You'll also learn about the many ways that Christiana Care will support your growth and development as a leader.  Our Frontline Leadership program, a 10 week (4 hour/week) program, will provide you with basic information, tools, and resources to support you in your new role.

As a Christiana Care leader, you will also be invited to attend our quarterly "Leadership Forums."  At these forums, we explore ways to bring our Leadership Behaviors to life so that we can transform the way we do our work and achieve our mission.  

In addition, Christiana Care's leaders have access to our online Leadership Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center features topics and resources to support your leadership development, including selected books, self-study courses, learning road maps, and more.

If you have any questions about our Transforming Leadership strategy and resources, please contact Barbara Monegan, Leadership Development Manager, at 302-733-3293

Thank you for choosing Christiana Care as your choice of employer!  We look forward to supporting your development needs throughout your leadership career here. 

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Christiana Care is a private not-for-profit regional health care system and relies in part on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to fulfill its mission. To learn more about how you can support our mission, please visit

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