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Q: What are the main training sites?
A: There are two: Christiana Hospital and Wilmington Hospital. Our residents have general inpatient rotations at both hospitals. In addition, the MICU and CCU rotations are at Christiana Hospital. The residents' outpatient clinic is located in Wilmington Hospital. Also, residents rotate at both hospitals, the Graham Cancer Center, the Diabetes Center and private offices during subspecialty rotations.

Q: Are Categorical & Preliminary Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Transitional Year Internship Program ACGME accredited?
A: Yes.

Q: Has the Categorical Internal Medicine Residency Program recently undergone a review by the Residency Review Committee for Internal Medicine [RRC-IM]?
A: Yes. We underwent the review in 2008 and were given the longest possible accreditation length of 6 years.

Q: How do we prepare our residents for the Internal Medicine Board Exam?
A: Board review is part of our daily life. In Morning Report we almost always start our conference with board review questions. Some conferences will feature medical trivia with board review topics emphasized. We also have additional sessions with faculty members to review questions and address test taking strategies. The Medical Knowledge Boot Camp is a monthly board review conference that is required for all interns. This conference features monthly board review topics and self study expectations.

The application process

Q: When can I start applying for a position in the Categorical & Preliminary Internal Medicine Residency Program or Transitional Year Internship Program?
A: Right now! We are accepting applications from mid-September through November.

Q: How do I submit my application?
A: The Categorical & Preliminary Internal Medicine & Transitional Year Residency Program only accepts applications through ERAS.

Q: Will the Christiana Care Categorical & Preliminary Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Transitional Year Internship Program be participating in the NRMP match?
A: Yes.

Q: What should I do if I want to apply to the dual-accredited osteopathic program and am going through the AOA match?
A: You should apply through the Family Medicine Traditional Rotating Internship in ERAS. Applicants will interview with Internal Medicine, and those matched will be dual-accredited in both programs.

Q: When will on-site interviews be held?
A: We are reviewing applications daily and sending out invitations through November. We will begin interviewing mid-October, and our season will end late December.

Q: Where will on-site interviews be held?
A: All interviews will be held at Christiana Hospital.

Q: Where should I stay for my interview?
We understand that there can be a significant financial burden associated with the application process. We are happy to provide free hotel accommodation at a nearby hotel for all our applicants on the night before their interview day. There is free shuttle service to Christiana Hospital.

Q: Will I have opportunities to interact with residents during my interview day?
A: Absolutely. The residents are an integral part of our residency program, and they are your future colleagues. Our Categorical Internal Medicine Program applicants are invited to go out to dinner with residents on the evening before their interview day. In addition, all applicants will meet the residents during medical morning report, during the tour of the hospital and during lunch on their interview day.

Inpatient internal medicine

Q: Are there hospitalists at Christiana Care Health System?
A: There is a robust system of hospitalists. There are three services, and residents will have opportunities to co-manage patients with attending physicians from each of these services.

Q: Are there private attending physicians?
A: Yes. Residents will have the opportunity to co-manage patients with selected private attending physicians who are noted for their commitment to resident teaching. However, since there are 1,100 inpatient beds in Christiana Care Health System, patients are assigned to non-teaching services when the teaching services have reached full capacity.

Q: Is there a night-float system?
A: Yes. Interns do six weeks of overnight night float, spread throughout the academic year. They have one week each during their MICU and CCU rotations, and the rest on floor rotations.
Q: How often will I be on call?
A: Interns have short call, until 7:30 p.m. approximately every four nights when on floor rotations.

Q: How often will I have to stay overnight in the hospital?
A: Apart from night float, interns have no overnight duties but, senior residents will have occasional Friday overnights when on floor rotations.

Q: Are there times when I will not be on call at all?
A: Yes. As part of our curriculum revamp, we have built in ambulatory rotations. During these two-week rotations, which are interspersed between floor or ICU rotations, there is no call at all.

Q: Who are the members of my inpatient teams on floor rotations?
A: The attending physician, the senior resident (PGY-2 or PGY-3), two interns and two medical students (both 3rd and 4th year).

Outpatient internal medicine

Q: Where is the residents' practice?
A: The practice for the categorical internal medicine residents is called the Adult Medicine Office and is located in Wilmington Hospital.

Q: How often will I practice in the outpatient residents' practice?
A: You will be there two full days per week during your ambulatory blocks. You will not have any inpatient responsibilities during these blocks.

Q: Will I have to go to my outpatient practice during inpatient floor or MICU or CCU rotations?
A: No. You will not be pulled away. You can devote your full attention to learning in the inpatient environment.

Q: What is the faculty:resident ratio in the outpatient residents' practice?
A: Usually 1:4.

Q: Are there didactic sessions in outpatient internal medicine?
A: There is a conference every day that goes over "ambulatory-medicine pearls," covering a wide range of topics. In addition, one core lecture per month is dedicated to small group case based ambulatory topics.



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