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Black Belt
Event Title Start Date
Lean Six Sigma for Health Care Professionals  04/20/2015 
Cancer Support Groups
Event Title Start Date
Beginning your Breast Cancer Journey (Ongoing)   
Gynecologic Cancer Support and Education Group (Ongoing)   
Inner Art (Ongoing)   
Larygectomy Support Group (Ongoing)   
Look Good, Feel Better (Ongoing)   
Multiple Myeloma Support Group (Ongoing)   
Nurture Your Self (Ongoing)   
Scrapbooking (Ongoing)   
Spiritual Wellness Group (Ongoing)   
Thyroid Cancer Support Group (Ongoing)   
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Education Support (Ongoing)   
Writing as healing (Ongoing)   
Writing as healing (Ongoing)   
Community Events
Event Title Start Date
Save the Date: Celebration of Hope  10/03/2015 
Conferences & Symposiums
Event Title Start Date
Sisters Surviving*  03/23/2013 
Sisters Surviving*  03/23/2013 
21st Century Visions of Nursing  09/11/2013 
Special Film Screening and Discussion  11/20/2014 
Diabetes Education
Event Title Start Date
Living With Diabetes  06/04/2015 
First Aid & CPR Classes
Event Title Start Date
Bloodborne Pathogens Course (Ongoing)   
First Aid for Children (Ongoing)   
Heartsaver First Aid (Ongoing)   
Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid (Ongoing)   
Health & Wellness Classes
Event Title Start Date
Smoking Cessation Free Classes (Ongoing)   
Cardiovascular Stress Management Program  10/12/2012 
Women with Heart Disease Support Group  02/19/2013 
LIVE IT Series  04/02/2013 
Early Stages Parkinson’s Disease Education Group (Ongoing)  02/20/2014 
Lectures & Panel Discussions
Event Title Start Date
Review of Cardiac Procedures & Diagnostic Studies  01/10/2012 
ACCEL Innovative Discoveries Seminar  02/06/2015 
Parenting & Pregnancy Classes
Event Title Start Date
Breastfeeding Class (Ongoing)   
Breastfeeding Support Group (Ongoing)   
Child Safety Seat Inspection (Ongoing)   
CPR for Family & Friends (Ongoing)   
Grandparenting (Ongoing)   
Happiest Baby on the Block (Ongoing)   
High-Risk Labor/Childbirth Class (Ongoing)   
Labor Basics (Ongoing)   
Labor/Childbirth Condensed (Ongoing)   
Maternity Tour (Ongoing)   
Mother/Baby 1 (Ongoing)   
Newborn Steps (Ongoing)   
Parent Steps (Ongoing)   
Private Parent Education Sessions at Home (Ongoing)   
Relaxation and Breathing (Ongoing)   
Surviving Postpartum (Ongoing)   
Press Conference
Event Title Start Date
Choose Health Delaware Day  10/01/2013 
Weight Management
Event Title Start Date
Test Event*  04/09/2013 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  06/09/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  06/15/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  06/16/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  06/18/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  07/20/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  07/21/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  07/23/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  08/11/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  08/17/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  08/18/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  08/20/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  09/03/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  09/15/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  09/21/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  10/13/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  10/15/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  10/19/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  10/20/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  11/05/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  11/16/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  11/17/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  12/08/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  12/15/2015 
Weight Loss Surgery Seminar*  12/17/2015 
Find Your Way to Successful Weight Loss*  12/21/2015 
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