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Christiana Care Health System

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 Christiana Care Health System
       About Us
            Contact Us
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            Our Volunteers
                 Adult Volunteer Opportunities
                 College Volunteer Program
                 Group Volunteer Projects
                 High School Explorer Post
                 Patient and Family Advisers
                      Patient and Family Adviser Information Request
                 Summer VolunTeen Program
            Quality & Patient Safety
                 Patient Safety Videos
                 Preventing Infections
                      CLABSI Infections Data
                      Hospital Associated Infections FAQ
            Request a Speaker
                 Request a Christiana Care Speaker
                 Request Christiana Care Participation in Your Health Fair
            Who We Are
                 Accreditations & Memberships
                 Champions of Service
                 Community Benefit
                      Community Health Needs Assessment
                 Jefferson Awards
                 Our History
                 Our Leadership
                      Board of Directors
                 Physicians & Staff
                 The Christiana Care Way
                      The Words of The Christiana Care Way
                 Year in Review
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            Employee Benefits
            Employee Comments
            Nursing at Christiana Care
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                 Nursing Annual Report
                 Professional Development
                 Student Nurse Externships
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                 Who We Are
            Getting Involved
            Giving Opportunities
            Honor Your Caregiver
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                 Medicine Ball Sponsors
            Matching Gift Finder
            Pathways of Hope
            Trusted Partners
            Young Friends of Christiana Care
                 Who We Are
                 Young Friends - Camp FRESH
                 Young Friends - Emergency Department Special Needs Fund
                 Young Friends - First State School
            Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology Fellowship
            Cardiovascular Disease
                 Application Process
                 Computer & Library Services
                 Fellowship Training
                      Call Schedule
                      Clinical Rotations
                      Conferences & Teaching
                      Curriculum Overview
                      On Site Training
                      Program Content
                      Program Schedule
            Interventional Cardiology Fellowship
                 Application Process
                 Computer & Library Services
                 Fellowship Training
                      Call Schedule
                      Clinical Rotations
                      Conferences & Teaching
                      On Site Training
                      Outpatient Continuity Experiences
            Non-ACGME Fellowships
                 Administrative Fellowship in Quality & Safety
                 Emergency Administrative Fellowship
                 Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship
            Sports Medicine
                 Application Process
                 Curriculum Overview
                 Resident Rotation Application
                 Scholarly Activity
            Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery
                 Application Process
                 Computer & Library Services
                 Fellowship Training
            Vascular Interventional Radiology
                 Goals & Objectives
                 What to Expect
       For Health Professionals
            Departments & Sections
                 Emergency Medicine
                 Family & Community Medicine
                      Medicine 2012 Annual Report
                      Medicine 2013 Annual Report
                      Medicine 2014 Annual Report
                      Medicine 2015 Annual Report
                 Obstetrics and Gynecology
                 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Hospital Dentistry
                 Orthopaedic Surgery
                 Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
                 Radiation Oncology
                 The Medical Group
            Diversity & Inclusion
                 Academic Affairs
                 Achieving Competency Today (ACT)
                 Allied Health and Undergraduate Education
                      Allied Health and Undergraduate Education Request for Information
                 Job Shadowing
                      Nursing Job Shadowing
                      Physician and Allied Health Job Shadowing
                           Job Shadowing Request for Information
                 Medical Resident FICA Refund
                 Schwartz Center Rounds
                 Surgical Fire Risk Assessment
                 Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center
            New Employees
                 My New Career Login
                      Employee Comments
                      Focus on Excellence
                      For Leaders
                      Important Phone Numbers
                      Nursing & Unit Clerk Orientation
                      Orientation & Directions
                      System Learning
                      What Do I Wear?
                 Center for Outcomes Research
                      Lunch Seminars
                 HIV/AIDS Research
                 Institutional Review Board
                 Women's Health Research
       For Physicians
            Access Center
            Christiana Care Quality Partners
                 Christiana Care Care Link
                 Frequently Asked Questions about Quality Partners
            Clinical Pathways Education
            ICD-10 Physician Resources
            Medical Grand Rounds
            Medical-Dental Staff Services
                 Getting Started
                 Provider Verification Portal
            Physician Education
            Physician Relations
                 About The Department
                 Meet the Team
                 Physician Communicator Service
            PowerChart 2016
                 ED Note Workflow
                 How-to Videos
                 PowerChart 2013 Resource
                 PowerChart 2014
                 PowerChart Resources
            Referral Forms
       Health & Wellness
            Alzheimer's Caregiver Guide
                 Assessing Comfort
                 Community Resources
                 Financial Assistance
                 Home Safety
                 Hospice Care
                 Legal Issues
                 Managing Challenging Behaviors
                 Personal Care
                 Recommended Reading
                 Respite and Adult Day Care
                 Your Needs as a Caregiver
            Health Links
            Health Tools
                 Body Mass Index Calculator
                 Lung Cancer Screening
                 Sports Physical Self-Survey
            Watch Surgery Videos
       No Heart Left Behind
       Our Services
            About Us
            Adolescent Health
            Ambulatory Infusion
            Behavioral Health
                 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
                      Christiana Care Health System
                 Health Psychology
                 Inpatient Psychiatry
                 Outpatient Psychiatric Practice
                      Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
                           Transcranial Magnetic Stumulation FAQ
                 Project Engage
                 Psychiatric Crisis Hotlines
            Bone & Joint Health
                 Joint Replacement
                      About Osteoarthritis
                      Hip-Replacement FAQ
                      Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?
                      Knee-Replacement FAQ
                      Our Surgeons
                      Why Choose the Center for Advanced Joint Replacement?
                           Suffering? You're Not Alone. Choose the Christiana Care's Center for Advanced Joint Replacement.
                      Orthopaedic Surgery Annual Report
                 Sports Medicine
                      Our Doctors
                 Strong Bones Program
            Cancer Care
                 Breast Center
                      3D Mammography
                      Breast Center & Breast Surgeons Forms
                      Breast MRI
                      Breast Surgery
                      High-Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program
                      Make Your First Appointment
                      The Breast Center Team
                 Cancer Research
                      About Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Breast Cancer Research
                      Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Colon Cancer Research
                      Gene Editing Institute
                           Eric Kmiec, Ph.D.
                           Featured Graduate
                           Key Publications
                           Lab Members
                           Upcoming Presentations
                      NCORP and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
                      Oncology Patient Advocates for Clinical Trials (OPACT)
                           Meet OPACT Advocates
                      Radiation Oncology Research
                      Research Governance
                      Research Partnerships
                      Tissue Engineering Research
                      Tissue Procurement & Microarray
                 Cancer Resource Library
                      Cancer Information Pathfinders
                 Cancer Surgery
                      da Vinci Robotic Surgery
                           da Vinci Gynecologic Surgery
                                da Vinci Hysterectomy
                                Fibroids and Treatment Options
                                Uterine Cancer and Treatment
                           da Vinci Urologic Surgery
                                da Vinci Prostatectomy
                                Prostate Cancer and Treatment
                      Thoracic Surgery
                           Thoracic Surgery Patient Guides
                                Esophagectomy / Esophagogastrectomy Discharge Instructions
                                Incentive Spirometer
                                Sternotomy Discharge Instructions
                                Thoracoscopy / Thoracotomy Discharge Instructions
                 Cancer Update Newsletter
                 Medical Oncology
                      Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants
                      IL-2 Treatment for Melanoma and Kidney Cancer
                 Multidisciplinary Care
                      Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer
                      Colon, Rectal and Anal Cancer
                      Genitourinary and Prostate Cancer
                      Gynecologic Oncology
                      Head and Neck Cancer
                      Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer
                      Sarcoma, Bone Cancer and Melanoma
                      Skin Cancer
                      Spine Cancer
                      Thoracic, Esophogeal and Lung Cancer
                      Young Adult
                 Outreach and Education
                      Access-to-Care Programs
                      Cancer Screening Programs
                           Colorectal Cancer Screening
                           Pink Ribbon Program Mammograms
                      Healthy Latin Families Program
                      Special Cancer Outreach Programs
                 Radiation Oncology
                           How the CyberKnife Works
                           What to Expect from CyberKnife Treatment
                      Types of Radiation Therapy
                      What to Expect From Radiation Therapy
                 Support Services
                      Cancer Community Resources
                      Cancer Genetic Counseling
                           Colorectal Cancer Genetic Counseling
                      Cancer Nutrition
                      Cancer Psychology
                      Cancer Rehabilitation
                      Cancer Social Work
                      Care Management Team
                      Family Tool Kit
                      Financial Navigator Program
                      Ostomy Support
                      Pain and Symptom Management
                      PAWS for People
                      Smoking Cessation
                 Why Choose the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute?
                      Research That Benefits You
            Center for Community Health
                 About Us
                 Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
                 Camp FRESH
                 Health Ambassadors
                 Our Staff
                 School-Based Health Centers
                      School-Based Health Centers Locations
            Clinical Trials
                 Cardiovascular Research
                      Cardiovascular Clinical Trials
                 Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases Research
                 Emergency Medicine Research
                 Infectious Disease Research
                      Infectious Disease Clinical Trials
                 OB/GYN Research
                      OB/GYN Clinical Trials
                 Randomized Trials
                 Types of Drug Clinical Trials
                 Understanding Clinical Trials
                 Your Rights and Privacy
            Cystic Fibrosis Program
                 After Hours Contacts
                 Our Team
                 Diabetes Education
                 Insulin Pump Therapy
                 Pregnancy and Diabetes
                 Primary Care
                 Specialty Care
            Ear Nose and Throat
            Emergency Services
                 Forensic Nurse Examiners
                 LifeNet Air-Medical Transport
            Exercise Services
                 Guided Personalized Fitness
            Eye Care
            First State School
            Heart & Vascular
                 Arrhythmia Center
                 Blood Pressure Ambassadors
                 Cardiac Catheterization
                 Cardiac Rehabilitation
                      How Our Program Works
                 Cardiac Surgery
                      Cardiology Consultants
                           Coumadin Care Center
                           Diagnostic Locations
                           Pacemaker Care
                           Practice Locations
                           Same Day Clinic
                 Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging
                      Cardiac CT
                      Cardiovascular Imaging Locations
                           Christiana Hospital
                           Concord Township, PA
                           Wilmington Hospital
                           3-D Echocardiography
                           Exercise Stress Echocardiogram
                                Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram
                           Transesophegeal Echocardiogram (TEE)
                      Holter Monitor
                      Loop Monitor
                      Nuclear Cardiology
                           MUGA Scan
                           Myocardial Perfusion Test
                      Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound
                      Tilt-Table Test
                 Cardiovascular Genetic Counseling
                      Evaluation Process
                      Types of Inherited Heart Disease
                           Hereditary Arrhythmias
                           Inherited Cardiomyopathies
                 Free Risk Assessment
                 Heart Failure Program
                      Heart Failure Outpatient Centers
                 Heart Transplant Evaluation and Management
                 Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
                 Neuro-Interventional Surgery
                 Pulmonary Hypertension Program
                 Stroke Program
                      Long-term Effects of Stroke
                      Our Stroke Team
                      Preventing Stroke
                      Stroke Warning Signs
                      What Is Stroke?
                 Vascular Health
                      Common Questions About Vascular Disease
                 Vascular Interventional Radiology
                 Vascular Specialists
                 Venous Health
                 Virtual Interventional Labs Tour
                 Why Choose the Center for Heart & Vascular Health?
                      Experience is What Sets Us Apart
                 Women and Heart Disease
            HIV/AIDS Care
            Home Visit Program
                 Christiana Care Hospitalist Partners
                 Pediatric Hospitalists
                 About Us
                 Bone Density Scan
                 Imaging Forms
                 Imaging Locations
                      Concord Township, PA
                      Pike Creek
                      Wilmington Hospital
                 Insurance Accepted
                      Request a Nuclear Medicine or PET Appointment
            Kidney Transplant Program
                 About Our Program
                 After Surgery
                 Kidney Donation FAQ
                 Kidney Transplant Evaluation
                 Kidney Transplant FAQ
                 Paired Exchange Program
                 Preparing for Your Transplant
                 Transplant Process
                 Transplant Team
                 Types of Kidney Transplants
                 Want to Learn More?
            Lab Services
                 Health Information Pathfinders
                 Health Links
                 Tips for Finding Health Information on the Web
                 After Delivery
                 At Your Service
                 Baby-Friendly Designation
                 Birth Plan
                 Donating Cord Blood
                 Family-Centered Care
                 Going Home
                 High-Risk Pregnancy
                      First-Trimester Screening
                      Genetics Counseling
                      How We Evaluate You and Your Baby
                 Labor and Delivery
                 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
                      Frequently Asked Questions about the NICU
                 Newborn Photography
                 Parent Education & Support
                      Breastfeeding Support
                           Mother's Milk Bank
                      Car Seat Safety
                      Loving Arms Parent Support Group
                 Virtual Maternity Tour
            Medical Aid Units
                 Individual Nutrition Counseling
                 Nutrition Outreach Programs
                 Sports Nutrition Services
            Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
                 Surgical Procedures
            Organ Donation
            Palliative Care
                 Grief Support
            Pastoral Services
                 Clinical Pastoral Education
            Physical Therapy
                 Aquatic Therapy
                 Arthritis Care
                 Industrial Health Services
                 Managing Neck and Back Pain
                 Recovering From Hip or Knee Surgery
                 Rehabilitation Services Locations
                      Concord Township, PA
                      Pike Creek
                 Sports Injury Care
                 Women's Physical Therapy
            Plastic Surgery
                 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
                 Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
            Primary Care
                 Family Medicine
                 Internal Medicine
                 Medical Home Without Walls
                      Pediatric Inpatient Unit
                      Pediatric Specialists
                 Primary Care Locations
                      Carney's Point Center
                      Claymont Center
                      Concord Medicine and Pediatrics
                      Family Medicine Center
                      Greenville Medical Center
                      HealthCare Center
                      Hockessin Center
                      Lancaster Pike Center
                      Limestone Medicine and Pediatrics
                      Middletown Family Medicine
                      New Castle Family Medicine
                      New Castle Senior Center
                      Smyrna Family Practice
                      Springside Family Medicine
                      Wilmington Family Medicine
                      Wilmington Health Center
                      Wilmington Senior Center
                      Woodstown Center
                 The Medical Group
            Pulmonary Function Lab
                 Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
                 Diagnosing Asthma
                 Evaluating Lung Function
                 Examining Airways and Lungs
                 Exercise Tests
                 Measuring Respiratory Muscle Strength
                 Preparing for Your Appointment
                 Pulmonary Associates
            Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                      Auditory Rehabilitation
                      Diagnostic Audiology
                      Vestibular Services
                 Balance and Mobility
                 Center for Rehabilitation
                 Hand Therapy
                 LSVT BIG for Parkinson's
                 Occupational Therapy
                 Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
                 Pediatric Rehabilitation Services
                 Speech Therapy
                 Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation
            Senior Health
                 Adult Day Care
                 Geriatric Consult Program
                 Hospital Senior Care
                 Swank Memory Care Center
                      About Swank Memory Care Center
                      Our Team
                      Support and Education
                      Swank Memory Care Center FAQs
            Sleep Medicine
            Spine Surgery
            Trauma Department
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Injury Prevention
                 The Path to Recovery
                 Treatment of Your Loved One
                 Violence Prevention
                 Your Care Team
                 Your Level 1 Trauma Center
                 Fecal Incontinence
                 Interstitial Cystitis
                 Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction
                 Urinary Incontinence
                      Mixed Urinary Incontinence
                      Overflow Incontinence
                      Stress Incontinence
                      Urge Incontinence and Overactive Bladder
                 Urinary-Tract Infection
                 Urogynecology FAQ
                 Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibulitis
            Visiting Nurse Association
                 Caregiver Resources
                 Help with Medications
                 Our History
                 Our Services
                      After Hospital Care
                      Alzheimer's Care
                      Cancer Care
                      Change in Health
                      Chronic Pain Care
                      Diabetes Care
                      Heart Conditions Care
                      Home Health Aides
                      Lung Conditions Care
                      Medical Social Workers
                      Mother and Baby Care
                      Pediatric Care
                      Private Duty Nursing
                      Skilled Nursing Care
                      Stroke Care
                 Paying for Care
                 Referral Forms
                 The VNA Difference
                 Why Choose the VNA?
            Weight Management
                 Bariatric Surgery
                      The Process
                           Gastric Banding
                           Gastric Bypass
                           Gastric Sleeve
                 Fit4Life Personalized Weight-Loss Program
                 OPTIFAST® Meal-Replacement Program
                 Weight Smart Program
            Women's Health
                 Celebrating Women's Health Lecture Series
                      Center for Reproductive Health
                      Center for Women's Health
                      Greenville Obstetrics and Gynecology
                      Uterine Fibroids Treatment
                           Uterine Fibroids Information Request
                      Women's Health at Concord Health Center
                      Women's Health Practice
                 Preconception Health
                 Spirit of Women
                      Spirit of Women Awards
                           2009 Spirit of Women Award Winners
                           2010 Spirit of Women Award Winners
                           2011 Spirit of Women Award Winners
                           2013 Spirit of Women Award Winners
                      Walk With Spirit
                 Women's Emotional Wellness
                      Helping a Loved One
                      MOMs HEAL Support Group
                      Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
                 Women's Health 2020
                      Frequently Asked Questions
            Wound Care
                 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
       Patient & Visitor Guide
                 Online Bill Pay
                 Understanding Hospital Fees
            Financial Assistance Program Summary
                 Financial Assistance Program
            Health Guides
                 Frequently Asked Questions
            Hospitals & Facilities
                 Christiana Hospital
                      Christiana Hospital Tour
                 Christiana Surgicenter
                 Concord Health Center
                      About Concord Health Center
                      Contact and Hours
                      Our Doctors
                      Our Lectures
                 HealthCare Center at Christiana
                 Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
                 Middletown CareCenter
                 Middletown Free-standing Emergency Department
                 Roxana Cannon Arsht Surgicenter
                 Smyrna Health & Wellness Center
                 Springside Plaza
                 Wilmington Annex
                 Wilmington Hospital
                      History of Wilmington Hospital
                      Transforming Wilmington
                           Frequently Asked Questions
            Phone Directory
            Visiting a Patient
                 Contact a Patient
                 Food and Vending
                 Gift Shops
                 Understanding the ICU
            Your Hospital Stay
                 Advance Directives
                 Ethical Practices
                 Ethics Committee
                 Glossary of Hospital Terms
                 Lost and Found
                 Patient Relations
                 Patient Rights and Responsibilities
                 Personal Belongings
                 Preparing for Surgery
                      Safety in the Operating Room
                      Surgical Tours
                           Christiana Surgicenter Tour
                           Perioperative Evaluation and Preparation (PEP) Process and Team
                           Roxana Cannon Arsht Surgicenter Tour
                           Your Surgical Experience at Christiana Hospital
                 Speak Up to Improve Your Care
                 Telephone Service
                 TV and GetWellNetwork
                 Your Health Care Team
       Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute
            About Us
                 Our Staff
       Undergraduate Medical Education
            Delaware Branch Campus
            Emergency Medicine
            Family Medicine
            General Surgery
            Information for Incoming Students
            Internal Medicine
            Radiation Oncology
            Sports Medicine
            Vascular Interventional Radiology
       Value Institute
            Center for Health Care Delivery Science
            Center for Organizational Excellence
            Center for Outcomes Research
            Center for Quality and Patient Safety
            Collaborations Newsletter
            Publications & Presentations
            What We Do
            Who We Are
            Working with Us
       Value Institute Academy
            Clinical Team Effectiveness
                 Developing Effective Clinical Teams - TeamSTEPPS
                      Developing Effective Clinical Teams - Team STEPPS Application
                 IHI Open School Modules - Teamwork & Communication
                 Team STEPPS Master Trainer
            Improvement Science
                 Achieving Competency Today
                      ACT Application
                 Advanced Quality & Safety Improvement Science
                      Advanced Quality & Safety Improvement Science Program Application
                 IHI Open School Modules - Quality Improvement & Leadership
                 Introduction to Improvement Science 1
                 Juran Institute LEAN/Six Sigma Black Belt
                 Juran Institute LEAN/Six Sigma Green Belt
                 Quality TIPs
                 Rapid Process Improvement
            Patient Experience
                 Christiana Care Way Behaviors
                 IHI Open School Modules - Patient and Family Centered Care
            Patient Safety
                 Culture of Responsibility Leadership Sessions
                 IHI Open School Modules - Patient and Family Centered Care
                 IHI Open School Modules - Patient Safety & Root Cause Analysis
                 Introduction to Science of Patient Safety
                 No Harm Intended: Lessons Learned in Patient Safety Storytelling Sessions
            Population Health
                 IHI Open School Modules - Population Health
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