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Residency ProgramsInternal Medicine

Curriculum Overview

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Christiana Care consistently fills residency positions with students from medical schools not only in the Mid-Atlantic area, but throughout the country. Our residents tell us they choose Christiana Care for our challenging university-affiliated academic curriculum within a community-based setting.

Our diverse patient mix offers residents exceptional opportunities to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of primary-care diseases, as well as tertiary-care medical conditions not routinely encountered in smaller hospital settings. The ongoing opportunity to teach medical students is also important. If this blend appeals to you, please explore our program further.

Outstanding support

Christiana Care offers outstanding ancillary support 24/7 so that you are supported by an excellent group of nurses, therapists, patient-care techs, phlebotomists and social workers. We strictly adhere to the ACGME work-hour guidelines so that you are assured adequate rest.

Christiana Care residency programs offer 12 appointments each year to the categorical residency program in Internal Medicine.

New training blocks

Rather than typical half-day clinics added to all inpatient and outpatient rotations, the new curriculum splits the residents' experiences into inpatient and outpatient blocks of time.  The residents' experience consists of a four-week inpatient-medicine experience alternating with a two-week ambulatory-medicine experience.  The new design allows residents to completely focus on the rotation. If you are on an inpatient rotation, you will not need to leave in the middle of the day to go to clinic. Similarly, in the outpatient setting, you will not need to run back to the hospital.

The inpatient-medicine experiences will consist of general inpatient medicine at Christiana Hospital and Wilmington Hospital, as well as rotations in the MICU and CICU.  Additionally, the inpatient based specialty rotations will occur during the 4 week blocks of time (e.g. cardiology, pulmonary, nephrology, hematology, infectious diseases and also including neurology).  During each of the ambulatory blocks, residents will spend  4 days spread out over the 2 weeks in their outpatient continuity practice at Wilmington Hospital. The remaining six days over the two-week block will be spent in the outpatient-based specialties (e.g. endocrinology, oncology, rheumatology and GI) as well as in emergency medicine and geriatrics.  In the past, residents were required to rotate on only a limited number internal-medicine-based specialties, with the remainder being electives. This new model allows residents to rotate in all medicine specialties. Additional time is available in the schedule that will allow residents to tailor the curriculum to their individual learning needs and career goals.

Sample PGY 1 Block Schedule (1 block = 4 weeks)
Sample Ambulatory Schedule
MONDAY Outpatient Continuity Practice
TUESDAY Subspecialty Outpatient Rotation
WEDNESDAY Outpatient Continuity Practice
THURSDAY Subspecialty Outpatient Rotation
FRIDAY Subspecialty Outpatient Rotation


For the residents, they can focus on the rotation they are doing, and the schedule minimizes the conflict between the inpatient and outpatient worlds.  The alternating schedule creates breaks of no on-call responsibilities between inpatient blocks that will help reduce the fatigue of residency training.   The schedule provides more flexibility, so residents will have the time needed for fellowship and job interviews.  And finally, the residents will rotate in all the medicine specialties and their ambulatory medicine experience will be enhanced.  We also anticipate positive changes for our patients.  The new design improves the continuity of care, result in fewer hand offs that will improve patient safety, higher patient satisfaction, and improved efficiency of patient care.  

Delaware Health Sciences Alliance CarePages Magnet recognition for excellence in nursing

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