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No Heart Left Behind

No Heart Left Behind

The No Heart Left Behind program has concluded, as of Dec. 31, 2014. We present the information below as an overview of the program and its background.

No Heart Left Behind was an eight-week program designed for two people: a teen coach and an important adult in their life. During this program teens increased their knowledge and confidence in their ability to make healthy lifestyle changes and connect with community-based resources. The program taught teens skills to also improve the heart health and weight management of the teen's mother or other important adults in their life.

No Heart Left Behind Basics

Trained school-based health center staff led group sessions in school for teens:

  • Teens partnered with an important adult in their lives to educate and work on the program.
  • Free heart health screenings were provided.
  • Education sessions and grocery store tours were conducted.

The Teen Participant Expectations

By participating in No Heart Left Behind, you will:

  • Increase your knowledge, confidence and ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and changes.
  • Learn how your emotions affect the choices you make.
  • Understand how exercise and better nutritional choices can change your life.
  • Help empower an adult in your life to make better choices and improve their overall health.
  • Taste-test new and healthy food options.

The Adult Participant Expectations

By participating with your teen in No Heart Left Behind, you will:

  • Learn how to make healthier choices.
  • Have access to free health screenings that will tell you your blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar level and cholesterol.
  • Be invited to attend educational classes, grocery store tours, and activities, learn how to deal with stress, make simple but heart healthy meals and enjoy physical activity with your teen. All participants who complete the program will receive a gift card to a local retail store. Other incentives will be offered during the eight-week program.

For more information about this innovative program (now concluded), or other programs, please call 302-320-6525.

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